Gyneye smart colposcope

Gyneye: Committed to advancing women’s healthcare and Well-being. Our mission is to reach out to communities, screen for cervical diseases, and triage patients swiftly and successfully. We’re proud to have touched the lives of millions in India, Bangladesh, and Peru, but we’re constantly driven to do more and make a greater impact.

We understand the complexity of womens’ healthcare, and our commitment is to deliver the highest quality and excellence in everything we do. At Gyneye, we’re passionately engaged in transforming outcomes and positively impacting lives worldwide.
The AI-assisted module of Gyneye elevates the diagnostic ability of colposcopy. Our portable device empowers community health providers by providing high-quality images and AI-assisted interpretations, ensuring accurate identification of biopsy sites. It’s designed to assist physicians and healthcare workers during colposcopy examinations.

Gyneye is a single assembly system that allows trained healthcare professionals to capture vital data from cervical examinations and seamlessly send, receive, report, and store information. It’s a comprehensive solution for observing, recording, and storing patient records, including detailed images of the cervix. We’re here to make a difference in women’s lives by leveraging technology

Gyneye – Securing a woman’s right to cancer-free life

  • Screening plays a pivotal role in lowering the occurrence of cervical diseases and the mortality rate associated with cervical cancer.

  • Our goal is to offer an affordable and portable colposcope that can be used worldwide to examine women’s cervical health.

  • We aim to provide an AI-assisted tool for detecting cervical cancer, ensuring precise diagnosis and staging of cervical pre-cancers.

  • By emphasizing screening, early diagnosis, and effective intervention, we strive to minimize the occurrence of cervical cancer in women.

Our unwavering commitment to Global Health

We successfully implemented telemedicine services in various countries including India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru, and more. In Bangladesh alone, we connected 110 villages through a unique mobile platform dedicated to cervical cancer detection. Thanks to this program, midwives and other healthcare professionals could utilize a smartphone application to record medical history, capture images of the cervix, and refer high-risk patients for further care. Our telemedicine technology enabled us to serve over 100,000 patients, making a significant impact in high patient volume healthcare screening programs.

Our Key Offerings

Gyneye is a smart and portable device that brings renewed hope and a fresh start. It’s a handheld, user-friendly colposcope that works seamlessly. What’s really impressive is that it comes with a unique and secure cloud-based system to keep track of all your examination results. Whether you’re in a low-resource setting or an advanced medical center, Gyneye has got you covered. Plus, it’s HL7 compliant and FHIR-enabled, making it super easy to connect with other hospital management systems. It’s all about convenience and efficiency with Gyneye.

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