Gyneye Application Features

Gyneye’s application integration is a total game-changer. It makes everything effortless for you to deliver results quickly and with utmost credibility.



The Gyneye Colposcopy management app is a secure cloud-based system where you can easily document examination results either on the app or in the cloud clinical records. What's really credible is that it's designed to work seamlessly in rural settings as well as advanced hospital environments. Plus, the Gyneye EMR app is HL7 compliant and FHIR-enabled, making it easy to connect with other hospital management systems, EMRs, or APIs.
Here's the best part: all the patient information, including images, smoothly travels through FHIR to any EMR system without any hiccups. Say goodbye to the need for investing in additional workflows or technology upgrades.
Every aspect of information from the patient, including images, are transported through FHIR to any EMR system without glitches. This eliminates the need to invest in workflows and other technology resources and upgrades.



The cloud capabilities of this solution are seriously impressive! It allows you to interface in real-time with clinicians located remotely, ensuring quick diagnosis and treatment initiation. Not only that, but it also promotes seamless sharing and collaboration among healthcare providers, so you can gather multiple opinions and seek consultations easily. It's all about working together to provide the best care possible!


Image management

Capture, store, and retrieve images effortlessly with GynEye! Its image management capabilities create a vast image bank, which is then processed by an AI tool to assess the disease's vulnerability. Every single feature is HIPAA compliant, ensuring the utmost protection of patient information. It's all about convenience, accuracy, and privacy with Gyneye.


Online/offline app

Get ready for the incredible GynEye! its powerful platform that works both offline and online, even in areas with limited connectivity. By combining traditional colposcopy methods with cutting-edge digital technologies and advanced deep learning algorithms, this solution drastically lowers the cost of diagnostics for every woman. It's all about making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Gyneye features

Gyneye digital colposcope offers built-in optics that deliver top-notch results, and the best part is,
it's super affordable! It's specially designed to work amazingly even in places with limited resources.

Unmatched Camera Performance

Supported by optical image stabilization (Resolution is 108MP f/1.8, Wide Angle), 48 MP f/3.5 Telephoto camera.

Easy Installation

Gyneye comes pre-installed with Gyneye app; the device is easily mounted on a tripod for best results.

Virtual Consultations are a snap

You can now have a full-fledged telecolposcopy service right at your fingertips. It lets you easily connect with remote clinicians and experts for consultations.

Gyneye features

Extended Battery Life

It's got a massive 5000 mAh capacity, giving you a solid 10 hours of non-stop usage. And here's the best part: it's built tough to handle anything, perfect for those low resource settings.

User-Friendly Multilingual Software.

Gyneye is equipped with a super user-friendly software application that supports multi-languages. Say goodbye to language barriers, because Gyneye makes communication simple for everyone.

Easy to carry, Easier to Diagnose

It's slim and lightweight, giving the field team the power to deliver quick and credible cervical diagnoses. With Gyneye, you can count on accurate results without any hassle.

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