Gyneye recently organized a cervical screening camp at Medicare Diagnostic, Langar Houz in Hyderabad, Dr. Vimala, a distinguished senior obstetrician, and gynecologist from Hyderabad hosted the screening camp. Under her guidance, twelve patients underwent cervical screening using the Gyneye digital colposcope, with each patient also receiving a Pap smear.

The camp achieved its objectives seamlessly, with the help of the Gyneye Digital colposcope.

Following the screening, Ms. Sarita from Gyneye provided a comprehensive walk-through of the device to attending doctors, highlighting its ease of use and versatility. This hands-on session further enriched the medical professionals’ understanding of how Gyneye works, enhancing their ability to utilize it effectively in future screening.

The camp also prioritized patient education, emphasizing the importance of regular cervical screening in preventing cervical diseases, including cancer. The participants gained valuable knowledge about proactive measures to safeguard their reproductive health. The event thus served as a platform not only for medical intervention but also for empowering individuals with essential health information.

The camp helped to achieve an integrated approach to women’s health by combining medical expertise and advanced equipment.  

By leveraging Gyneye, cervical screening camps in remote locations can adopt a “single visit approach”. The Gyneye digital colposcope with integrated EMR, telemedicine applications, enables virtual consultations with cervical cancer specialists from any location. Such integration empowers the field team to deliver prompt and trustworthy results, thereby improving the efficiency of the screening process.

Gyneye is taking regular initiatives to host such screening camps benefiting the wider community. By actively engaging in outreach and community involvement, the latest camp successfully reached individuals in the surrounding area, effectively raising awareness, and providing crucial access to screenings and information.

Follow our blogs for the latest updates on our community involvement in cervical screening. If you are looking at a community cervical screening camp, please reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.  Feel free to share the post with your friends, family, and your community. 

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