Gyneye: Revolutionizing Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnosis

Cervical cancer remains a significant health concern in India, with the highest age-standardized incidence in South Asia. Despite some progress in reducing the incidence of In India, it is estimated that there are 96,922 new cervical cancer cases and 60,078 deaths each year, and ranked second among women cancers. Implementing effective screening programs using methods like HPV testing and cytology has been challenging due to the costly laboratory infrastructure required. Additionally, the low specificity of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) as a screening method can lead to unnecessary referrals, investigations, overtreatment, and psychological stress. 

Brief History of Our Association

In response to these challenges, Dr. Elisabeth Wikström invented the Gynocular, a pocket-sized colposcope, and co-founded with two other partners Gynius in 2009.

It was a meeting of minds and shared vision when DrErnaniSadural and Surya Kuchimanchi met with Dr Elisabeth Wikström to evaluate the suitability of Gynocular for their outreach cervical screening camps in India Philippines, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. During their visit to the company in Stockholm, Sweden, they discovered a shared vision and passion for providing gold-standard healthcare, particularly in resource-limited settings.

Pooling their expertise, they formed a joint venture to develop the Triage to Diagnose application (T2D), a secure cloud-based solution for colposcopy image capture integrated into a cloud-based electronic health record system. T2D became the first FDA-approved healthcare application of its kind. Since then, their mission has been to empower healthcare workers with innovative tools and solutions to save lives and prevent suffering from cervical cancer.

How our association is defining the future

After the closure of Gynius Company, Dr. Elisabeth Wikström and Surya Kuchimanchi embarked on a new venture to develop an enhanced version called GYNEYE. This innovative device revolutionizes the field by combining an optical colposcope image capture system and electronic health records into a compact unit. With GYNEYE, healthcare professionals can effortlessly capture high-quality images of the cervix, securely upload them to a cloud platform, and access expert diagnosis and treatment recommendations from anywhere in the world. Assisting users in the decision-making process is the highly efficient AI tool called “Aditi,” which accurately identifies anatomical landmarks in the images. The GYNEYE is not just a device; it represents a dedicated community of healthcare professionals working tirelessly to eradicate cervical cancer.

Dr Elisabeth Wikström as Chief Medical Officer at GYNEYE is driving the vision supported by a dedicated talented technology team led by Surya Kuchimanchi. GYNEYE is dedicated to eradicating cervical cancer, particularly in low-resource settings where it is most needed. Welcome to Gyneye, where innovation meets accessibility and affordability in the fight against cervical cancer.

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