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Women who undergo cervical examinations often report anxiety and heightened stress; they often report negative exam experiences due to concerns about the outcome and the invasive nature of the examination. Therefore, there is a demand for a tool that facilitates a more trauma-informed cervical exam.

The field of cervical examination has taken a big leap with the introduction of portable, handheld, non-contact, digital colposcopes. The method provides clearer and more reliable imaging. Digital colposcopes are designed to provide better magnification and illumination during examination of the cervix, while also being smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective. This allows medical professionals to easily and accurately diagnose and treat cervical diseases.

Precision is the key

Cervical examination relies on accuracy. Sharper imaging allows precise diagnoses, and therefore a precise follow-up care. Gyneye uses medical-grade, high-definition cameras that offer clear imagery, even at high optical zooms, while reducing glare. For instance, with increased magnification, Gyneye’s cameras can detect differences in tissue texture, structure and color. These differences would otherwise be missed with a standard stationary colposcope.

A portability approach – for clinics/private practices

Different clinical settings require different approaches. While some facilities are spacious, with plenty of room for equipment, others are small, with limited space. As compared to stationary colposcopes, a handheld digital colposcope like Gyneye is much more compact and portable, and can be handled easily. By doing so, you can free up room space for other medical purposes.

Workflow management & telemedicine

It is possible to seamlessly integrate patients’ electronic medical records (EMRs) with Gyneye smart colposcope. By directly uploading images to patient files, the data is immediately available for future reference. Furthermore, by integrating Telemedicine, both Gynecologists and Oncologists can consult together and review images at the same time. This results in better and faster outcomes for patients, particularly in remote settings/community cervical screenings.

Quick exam turnaround times

There is no doubt that digital colposcopes can save an extraordinary amount of time compared to the existing technology. Since every step from the cervical exam to the uploading of images is done digitally, the system can save around 50% of the time. As a result, clinicians and patients can spend less time in vulnerable positions seeking cervical diagnoses. This is a welcome development for both parties. Gyneye’s digital colposcopes have revolutionized a once-lengthy process and made it possible to complete it in just a few minutes.

Gyneye Digital Colposcope – What it has to offer

Gyneye digital colposcopes feature ergonomic features and are easy to use and learn. As a result, health practitioners will benefit from enhanced image quality, an improved examination process, a simplified workflow and a shorter examination time. This will equally contribute to a trauma-informed experience for patients.

Gyneye features:

 · High-resolution cameras with precise auto-focusing and crystal-clear imagery.

 · A second LED light source to capture the true color of tissue to provide an accurate diagnosis.

 · The autofocus feature allows for quick examinations without the need to focus and refocus the colposcope and move it around to obtain accurate images.

 Engineered to work with low resource settings and advanced medical setup.

 HL7 compliant and FHIR-enabled and can interface easily with other hospitals.

Gyneye ensures your clinic, practice, or hospital uses the most advanced colposcopy devices. Please contact us to schedule a free demo and consultation or to learn more about our services. We offer competitive prices and provide ongoing customer service and technical support. Our experienced team is always available to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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