Gyneye recently took part in the prestigious “66th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2024″ at HICC, Hyderabad, showcasing its portable colposcope.

The global event brought together healthcare professionals, researchers, and experts to explore cutting-edge advancements in obstetrics and gynecology.

Themed around “Obstetric Medicine, Emerging Technologies in Obgyn, Environment & Reproduction, Sexual Reproductive Rights and Health, Pelvic Medicine,” AICOG 2024 offered a favourable platform for Gyneye to exhibit its capabilities. 

Dr. Evita Fernandez, Obstetrician and Chairperson, Fernandez Foundation, graced as the Chief Guest during the inauguration of Gyneye’s stall at AICOG. 

Visitors at the Gyneye stall experienced real-time application integration, with quick and credible result deliveries. Dr. Elisabeth Wikström, Chief Medical Officer, Gyneye elucidated how the Portable Colposcope is transforming cervical screening digitally with advanced cervical cancer screening capabilities, seamless integration with hospital management systems, APIs and EMRs.

The Gyneye stall saw a good response during the ongoing event with visitors swiftly making purchases, underscoring the tangible value offered by the device. The adaptability of Gyneye, designed to function seamlessly in both rural and advanced hospital settings, impressed many.

What enabled Gyneye to make a mark at AICOG 2024? Here’s a brief history of Gyneye’s cervical cancer screening breakthroughs.

In a country where cervical cancer is a pressing health concern, Gyneye takes center stage. Traditional screening methods are faced with challenges due to costly infrastructure, leading to the development of Gyneye’s portable colposcope.

The roots of Gyneye’s success trace back to Dr. Elisabeth Wikström’s invention of the Gynocular in 2009. Collaborating with Surya Kuchimanchi, and Dr. Ernani Sadural they developed Triage to Diagnose (T2D), an FDA-approved cloud-based solution for colposcopy image capture integrated into electronic health records.

Following the closure of Gynius, Surya Kuchimanchi and Dr. Wikström developed Gyneye, a transformative solution aiming to eradicate cervical cancer, particularly in low-resource settings.

Gyneye allows professionals to capture cervix images, upload them to the cloud, and access expert diagnoses from anywhere, aided by the AI tool “Aditi.” Their vision extends to eradicating cervical cancer.

The Gyneye software, initially funded by a 1,500,000 SEK grant from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, laid the foundation in 2014 for secure smartphone-based, cloud-based electronic medical records for colposcopy. Field testing in India and Sweden paved the way for Suja Associates to enhance the software, adding telemedicine and machine learning (ML) capabilities. Further testing in various global locations, including Bangladesh, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines, solidified Gyneye’s commitment to global healthcare transformation. As AICOG 2024 unfolded, Gyneye hinted at a promising future for cervical screening and diagnosis. Gyneye’s dedication to innovation, integration, and accessibility is bringing hope for a cervical cancer-free world.

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